How to Prevent Black Algae on Your Roof

One’s roof is often the first thing people take note of when they first lay eyes on your home. As a property owner, you want to take pride in any exterior feature. However, you’ve seen a couple of unsightly dark streaks make their appearance all over your roofing or slates. Where did these contaminants originate from? Would you say it is soot, mold, or dirt?

The black streaks you are noticing are algae. In some humid areas, algae would start forming due to moisture that settled on your roof. Should the build-up appear to be green and fuzzy, then you are most likely dealing with a moss problem. Both algae and moss have similar properties and would need the same removal technique.

These properties hardly ever result in direct damages to your home. The thing is that they also will not disappear on their own.

Follow along as we discuss more how to prevent and remove future algae.

Eradicating Algae

Various kinds of roofing will likely have an influence on the cleaning method and then make algae treatment more stressful. Fragile tiles, for instance, will demand significantly better wash. Otherwise, you could possibly remove you’re covering together with your algae dilemma. Due to the reason that the undertaking entails expertise and know-how with various roof-top supplies, ask a trained professional to come to correct the issue.

Moreover, whenever you use a wet coating when lacking plenty of skills, the endeavor could possibly bring about an unsafe tumble. A large number of people in America wind up in the healthcare facility every year as a consequence of drops at the time of home-based maintenance and repair. Just a fall from a few feet may cause significant harm.

The cover specialist uses some sort of substance to get rid of the buildup. By generating an unpleasant pH level when it comes to the algae, the rooftop specialist can clear off the growing algae more effectively. Each of these chemical substances can either include acidity or general properties, depending upon what might work most effectively for one’s shelter. After that moderate scrubbing is going to correct your apartment without ever affecting the roof covering.

In case you have a rainwater collection structure, communicate this to the roofing specialist well before they commence professional cleaning. Doing this you may make sure the ingredients don’t produce toxins to your rainwater cylinders.

Keep Your Roof Free of Algae

Embarking on a thorough cleaning procedure should keep algae at bay for a long while. Sooner or later, it will make a comeback, and the spotless, impressive covering will require cleaning again. One should consider setting up copper flashing if you wish to prevent algae growth.

The moment any water runs over exposed copper, small traces of the copper sulfate will wash over the rest of your roofing. Besides, sulfate is a popular fungicide, which is why algae will not grow in its presence. One would often notice how algae cover entire housetops except areas that are directly below chimneys that are fitted with copper flashing.

To produce the same results, your professional contractor may want to install copper flashing on your roof by using thin strips of copper plating that can be spread out over your shingles, but doing so strategically. Once it rains, the tiling would get a copper sulfate wash to clear off all moss or algae.

How to Start Over

Should your shelter covering become saturated with moss or algae, and you contemplate replacing your dome to make way for a more modern design in the foreseeable future, it would be the recommended course of action to think about a roof replacement right away. One shouldn’t have to invest a lot of time and money into getting your roof area cleaned up only to have it replaced not too long afterward.

Having said that, the minute you have your new shelter covering installed, make a point of monitoring it and check for any formation of algae on a regular basis. It is much easier to clean it off when it begins to grow.

Once you applied the necessary techniques, your roof that is covered in algae will appear like new once more.

The moment you suspect a moss or algae problem, get hold of a roofer in your area as they can offer you the best solutions.